Ownership Claims

Ownership Claims and Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Pranam TV Network Pvt. Ltd. ("PTNPL") makes reasonable efforts to ensure that all necessary licenses are procured for the content displayed on the website, www.pranamtvcom, and the application that is available on various platforms such as iOS, android, windows etc. (collectively referred to as "Pranam TV"). PTNPL is committed to ensure that only non-infringing content with proper licenses is published on Pranam tv for viewing by its end users. In order to facilitate this, PTNPL has set up a Dispute Resolution Mechanism to enable owners of the rights in the content to report any infringement of their intellectual property rights. Reporting of Claims If you believe, in good faith, that your intellectual property rights have been infringed by display of a content on Pranam tv, you will be required to notify us by sending us an email to response@pranamtv.com with the following details.

Please note that the email is required to be sent by the owner or the person duly authorized by the owner to share the information in the manner as provided herein:

1. Identification or description of the content with respect to which there is a claim.

2. Documents in support of the claim made by you relating to the ownership of the content.

3. A representation that all information provided by you is accurate and that you are the rightful owner of copyright in the content or person duly authorized by the owner of the copyright in the content.

On receipt of a report from you in the manner as provided above, we will immediately notify the licensor of your claims. In the event the licensor fails to respond to the notice within a period of seventy-two (72) hours, we will take down the disputed content. If the licensor shares valid documentation to prove its ownership of the content, we will notify the same to you and share the contact details of the relevant licensor in order to enable you to raise a claim directly against such licensor. Subsequent to issuance of notice by you, if you change your mind, or would like to correct any information provided by you in your notice, you may retract or edit your claims by writing to us at response@pranamtv.com. Please do not raise any false claims. Any fraudulent actions by you pursuant to this mechanism or misuse of this mechanism shall have legal consequences.