Welcome To Uttar Pradesh


Blessed with a variety of geographical land and many cultural diversities, Uttar Pradesh, has been the area of activity of historical heroes like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Ashoka, Shahjahan and Mahatma Gandhi. Garlanded by the holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna, Uttar Pradesh is known for its ancient traditions. Dotted with various holy shrines, pilgrim centres, historical monuments and full of joyous festivals, its contributions to India in politics, culture, and society are outstanding.


Through the Pranam concept we are putting together our efforts to help out and guide the people in exploring Uttar Pradesh. As mentioned earlier that U.P. is very rich in its heritage and cultural values. And we being quite touchy for our state, which has been portrayed irrationally awful, so an effort to wash out this imaginary and pushing ourselves to give it unadulterated manure by welcoming good people.


Our motive behind this endeavor is to bring the like minded people together, not just from this part of the continent but also from across the globe to this soul of India. Let these people explore their aspirations in U.P. through our eyes. This initiative struck us from the point that many people have great executable thoughts, they have vision but they do not get the right platform and required resources to achieve it. After all then it becomes the duty of people who love their state to show the correct picture and guide them in achieving their goals.

Our teams of expert’s carters to the queries of aspirants who wish to start any media/entertainment related venture in U.P. and also assist them to achieve their goal.

U.P. government is doing a lot to promote film making, thus giving a wide scope for the creative people to paint this canvas in their own colours.